(Photos by Katy Davis Photography and Little Betty Photography)

Hello Friends! I’m Stacy, a travel enthusiast, red wine drinker, legging wearing, small-town girl. I believe that friends turn into your family, that pasta is life and that Jesus is my savior. I grew up on a family farm, by Shickley, Nebraska where I was taught that hard-work  and being kind to people will get you far in life.  I enjoy making connections with people that go deeper than the surface level.  I have a small group of besties that mean the world to me.  When I love, I love with my whole heart; it’s all or nothing.  I am a Dog Mom to two adorable Golden Retrievers, Kahlua and Remy.  I buy way to many toys and treats for them, let them sleep with us at night and worry about them when I am away.   I am also married to the most patient man I know, Ryan! He is my travel buddy, my foodie partner, and the macaroni to my cheese!

While editing, you will find me watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Chicago Series on NBC, A Million Little Things, The Resident, The Bachelor or any Food Cooking Challenge Show! Christian Contemporary Radio and Gavin DeGraw Radio are my jams on Pandora.  Most days, you will find me working at home with my pups, but on the occasion that I get out of the house, you will find me at a Rock n’ Joe Coffee Bar with my bestie or at Capitol View Winery drinking a glass of Vintners Blend. (P.S. I also work out there, pruning grapes, bottling wine, helping in the tasting room and chatting with the regulars!)  It is my happy place and I am sure it would be yours to if you came out to visit! 

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