Little Everett was only a few weeks old once we took these photos and I can’t believe how fast he is growing.  I just love this addition to my cousin’s family and these photos turned out great.  Everett just slept through these Christmas family photos like it was nothing.  I was lucky enough to have all my Christmas decor up so we were also able to take some photos in front of the fireplace.  A few of my favorites are the black and white mattes.  Lately I have really enjoyed a different, much darker black and white image, especially newborn photos!  Take a look!

Family of Five - Studio Portraits

Father and Son - Newborn

Newborn son by belly

Mom and newborn son - studio portraits

Mom and three kids - studio portraits

Dad and Newborn Son - Studio Portraits

Dad and three kids - Studio Portraits

Mom kissing newborn son

Parents with newborn in front of fireplace

Fireplace Family Photos with siblings

Fireplace Family Photos

Christmas Family Photo in front of fireplace

Christmas Family Photo in front of fireplace

These fireplace family photos are a few of my favorites of the Ault family.  Winter makes is a bit difficult with family photos when you don’t have a studio, so you have to improvise!  I love that this family is always up for anything and I just love being a part of this family’s life.