This year has had so many firsts for me, including quitting a job, following my dreams, vacations and getting married.   I will soon be 27 (okay okay in February) and have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want out of life.  What do I want to do forever, my career, my passion.  I have begun to write everything down that I would love to accomplish before I am 30.  Now, I got to looking at my list and realized that there are a lot of large things that cost quite a bit of money to do, so I had to “get real” and say I would like it to be complete by 40!  I also think I have a few more than 30, so here it goes!

30 before 30

My 30 before 30 list

1. Visit Australia – Done in October 2015 for our honeymoon!

2. Eat the Waffle Mac n’ Cheese at Andiron Steak and Sea in Las Vegas – Done in December of 2015 for our Christmas Road Trip!

3.  Start a family

4. Meal plan and follow a monthly budget

5. Blog about more personal adventures

6. Join Big Sister Program

7. Ride in a Hot air baloon

8.  Visit 911 memorial

9. Shoot an engagement session in the fall in New England Colonies

10.  Go to a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

11. Visit Mayan Ruins

12. Visit Paris, Italy, and Greece

13. See the Northern Lights in Alaska

14. Shoot a destination wedding

15. Learn how to make buttercream

16. Redo my kitchen and also the living room and bedroom flooring

17. Wear more accessories

18. Host a Friendsgiving

19. Learn to crochet

20. Create a Book list of 30 and read them

21. Tour Wine Country in California – Done in December 2015.  My husband and I ended up purchasing 16 great bottles of wine and a case of beer 🙂

22. Learn Caligriphy

23. Get caught up on Scrapbooks

24. Have my photography published

25. Take a pottery class

26. Begin Yoga

27. Run a 5k

28. Try 52 new recipes

29. Throw a themed party and go all out with costumes, foodand decor

30. Take a train to somewhere in the US

31. Buy a bike and ride it

32. Learn to make homemade bread and pasta noodles

There you have it.  My 30 before 30 list that turned into a 32 before 40 list.  I know that a few of these will be checked off soon and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you over this journey.  If you have any suggestions or have a list yourself you want to share, I would love that!