5 Things Friday | April

1. House Remodel

We have had a bit of a stop on the inside of our house due to the Pandemic, but we are excited to get started on the outside.  My mom and I planted a bunch of new flowers around the front and sides of the house, replanted a few things in other areas in hopes they will continue to grow, or grow better!  We are also making plans to pour a concrete patio in the back yard and make an outdoor living area.  I can’t wait!!  Ryan tilled up the entire back yard and planted grass.  It is actually growing!!

2. The Pups

Remy and Kahlua have been getting to go to the winery to run and also to Grandma and Grandpa’s to play.  They have been loving all the extra attention since we are at a “Stay-at-home” order.  They got curbside grooming and vet appointments and are healthy and happy!  Going on 2 walks a day has also kept them busy!  We also started getting the Real Dog Box and they LOVE the treats in them.  Kahlua’s favorite was either the duck head or the pig foot!

3. Photo Sessions and Weddings

I am still taking clients for Real Estate photos and family photos.  I have slowed down on booking weddings to about 6 a year!  So if you are interested in that, or any session, shoot me a message!

4. Winery

We started to bottle the whites, including Estate Consensus, and our newest release, Row 16.  Because of the Covid-19, we are only able to be open for takeout or curbside pickup.  By the end of the month, we are really ready to start seeing people sit on the deck and drink a glass of wine.  We have the entire property looking great and are ready for the entertainment!  Below is the flowering of a vine!  They are just so pretty, but only last a few days!

Flowering of Vines

5. Covid-19

Still on Lockdown.  Everyone is supposed to wear a mask when in public, some wear them when driving and walking down the street.  I still don’t and don’t agree with it.  I have become a bit more vocal in my political opinions and am ready for things to go back to “normal” and to not have everyone be afraid of everything and everyone else.  It is such a sad site to see when out shopping at Hyvee or any other stores.  The Garden centers are packed because it one of the only places that is open.  The rules the the governor are making are jjust crazy as well – But we get a stimulus check….Google it 🙂