5 Things Friday | March

1. Binge Watching?

I have just binged watched Grey’s Anatomy.  I have not been able to watch this since we got rid of cable last fall.  So, I finally got HULU and watched the last past of the season to get all caught up in about 3 days!  Now I am catching up on my Hallmark Movies from the Frndly app!

2. 2020 Weddings

I am so excited for my 2020 weddings.  The two that I have been blessed to photograph so far have been amazing.  Even with the crazy pandemic that came through the US, my clients have been truly the best and most flexible with plans.  I can’t wait to show you even more goodness from this years sessions!

Bride and Groom Jewelry

3. Workout

I am pretty proud of myself for completing a 30 day challenge of a small workout with some friends.  The workout consisted of Pushup, Situps, Plank, Leg Lifts, Squats,and Jumping Jacks!  Over the next few months I hope to incorporate a few more exercises!

4. Winery

I am so excited to say that we are finished with pruning our Frontenac and LaCrosse grapes at Capitol View Winery.  Ryan and I also get to help out a customer with their winery in taking care of the Frontenac grapes.  My mom and I finished up pruning those grapes!  I can’t wait to see how we did and what they will end up producing!

5. Covid-19

Covid-19 has hit the US.  People have been freaking out about this virus and everything (except the big box stores) have been shut down.  It is just crazy with how people have reacted over this.  Just google it for more info!