It is already the First Friday in September.  Can you believe it?!  Neither can I!  I have two more Saturdays that have weddings and then a small break until the beginning of October.  This past month has been so great meeting new clients and booking a few more weddings for 2017!  It is shaping up to be a fun filled year again.  Since it is the beginning of September, I thought I would go ahead and write a few things down.

1.  What is a recent book that I have read? 

A goal that I had for myself was to read more books this year.  Six fun books and six business related books.  Well, I have not read too many business books yet, I have been trying to keep up with the fun books.  I just recently finished Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan.  Once again, it is a pretty easy read and such a cute book about baking, love and friendship.

2.  How did my August weddings go?  

My Weddings in August have been GREAT!  I have loved getting to meet so many new clients and learn about how they met and their stories.  I also was able to travel a bit more this month for a few weddings.  I helped out a friend for a wedding in Missouri and then traveled to Gothenburg for a beautiful country wedding at the family farm.  It was an amazing month!

3.  What song is on repeat on Pandora? 

Ex to See by Sam Hunt has been playing on my Coffee Shop Soundtrack (acoustic version) on my Pandora.  While working, I love to have the coffee shop vibe in the office.  I happen to think it helps with my productivity level 🙂

4.  How was our One Year Anniversary ?   

Ryan and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary on August 15th.  We went to the Nebraska wine and balloon festival, which was kind of a bust on Friday night.  They had only set up one glow balloon for about five minutes.  Come to find out later that it was too windy to set up the others.  On the positive side, we did the supper at the festival held by Carrabba’s.  The food was AMAZING!!  We also went horseback riding at Indian Cave State Park.  I rode a horse name Hershey, who love to be up front and ahead of the others.  He was so sweet!  We had a great time and I would love to go back again.

P.S. It is a beautiful location for photos!!!

5. Family Photos?

It is that time of the year again for Fall Family Photos!  I am quickly booking up for September and October of this year, so if you want some family photos for Christmas Cards this year, email me at to get a time scheduled!

Booking Fall Family Sessions