I have decided to create a new series for the first Friday of every month, titled 5 Things Friday.  This post will be all about what I am into or doing this month or things that I enjoy and think you might like also!  So here is the first one!

 1.  What am I reading?

I just began the book Marketing like Jesus by Darren Shearer.  I joined a book club with Monique Melton and this is the first book on the list.  When I get it finished I will let you know what I thought!

2.  What food did I enjoy making…and eating?  

Since it is October and all of the Halloween Candy is out it really makes going to the grocery store difficult.  I absolutely love Candy Apple Pops.  One of my weaknesses.  The other recipe that I tried last week was Black Bottomed Mini Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites.  My neighbors and I ate them like they were going out of style!  So good 🙂

3.  What song is on repeat on Pandora?  

Brother  by NEEDTOBREATH featuring Gavin DeGraw.  Right now it is one of my favorite editing songs!

4.  What new technique am I trying with my photography?

Using a prism.  You can get two different effects when using a prism.  This first one was done in Colorado at the Photography Awesomesauce Conference.  If you can get the sun to hit on the right spot you can create a rainbow and a little bit of haziness.


This one was taken at Wagon Train right at sunset.  I was able to capture the reflection of the tree in the water.  It is so cool the types of images that you can create when using these prisms.  Try it out sometime 🙂 Prism 5.  What is my favorite game on my phone?  

I have been playing a lot of Alphabetty. It is basically like a word search to either get cheese chunks or burst bubbles.  Its something that will keep your mind busy and somewhat educational 😉

That is all for now.  Make sure to join me next month for my Fab 5 for November!