This post today is dedicated to “man’s best friend”.. Bailey, our Golden Retriever.  My fiancé, Ryan has had this dog for 11 years.  It was actually a Christmas present for his brother.  Ryan trained Bailey to be an amazing hunting dog.  Anytime she would see Ryan grab the gun out of the cabinet and put on his camo, she was right by his side, ready to ride shotgun.  Dove and Pheasant hunting were her favorite.  About 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with retinal degeneration and became blind.  It is amazing how well she can still move around.  Her hearing and taste is impeccable.  She follows our lead by snaps or by the sound of a chip bag opening.  (Chips and cheese dip are one of her favorites!)  She also love to wrestle with Ryan and when he leaves for the day she will still be waiting by the door for him when he gets home.  Ryan is Bailey’s favorite.  She is one of the most loyal dogs that I have ever been around.  Here she is posing for me and my new camera on the one nice day of winter!



Bailey - Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverBest Dog Ever

The love of his life.  “A man’s best friend”

Ryan and Bailey

I think she loves me too 🙂

Stacy and Bailey


and Bailey