It is almost that time of the year again.  My favorite time of the year!  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I don’t know why I enjoy this time, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I finally get to slow down and enjoy the things around me.  I love spending time decorating my house and falling asleep with the tree lights on and the fireplace burning.  It gives me time to relax, to try to focus on the important things in life.

I came across this “Holiday to do list” on Pinterest one night and decided to save it.  I love to do lists. I literally live by them.  If I don’t have my to do list with me at all times, my mind just goes crazy.  I love being organized and this is my way to do it.  Typically, my to do lists say, “Clean the Kitchen,”  “Do Laundry,” “Edit Krissy’s Family Photos,”  “Print Kaitlin’s Senior Photos,” and so on.  This one wasn’t like that.

Looking back at it for the past two months, it really has started to speak to me.  I keep myself so busy all of the time, I really don’t have much time to just sit back and enjoy being with friends and family.  We always have so much technology in front of us, we miss out on the face to face interaction.  Even if we do go out for coffee, we still are checking the emails or Facebook messages that come in.  I need to just put my phone away.  The messages will still be there when I am done with my PeppermintMocha and good conversation with my bestie!   The number one thing on that list was “Be Present.”  I need to give the people that I am around my attention.  Listen to them completely and actually hear what they are saying.  If they need help to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.  I need to be their light when the rest of the world is dark.  I need to be able to see that they need help and have the time for it.  We all need each other.  To love and support one another.  We all need help at some point.  This list helped me realize a few things that I need to change, throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.


Holiday to do list

Buy  Be Presents

Wrap Gifts  Someone in a Hug

Send Gifts Peace

Shop for   Donate Food

Make Cookies Love

See  Be the Lights

So when you are making your Christmas to do list, do think about adding some of these things to that list.  With all of the bad things going on in this world, this is a good time to reflect how you can make a difference.  Even to just one person.