I am not sure about everyone else, but I am getting some spring fever.  I am ready to go outside for a long walk, have friends over for a BBQ and re-organize my closet with all my spring and summer clothes in the front!  When it comes to being cold, as many of you know, I am ALWAYS freezing.  I really don’t get warm until it is about 75 so I am getting pretty ancy with all of these little spurts of winter weather between some beautiful days.   About a month ago, I dusted off my camera and went to Pioneers Park in Lincoln, NE to take a few landscape photos.  Yes, I was freezing, even though I bundled up in all my winter clothing, but it was so worth it getting out there to just take a few photos for me.  Here is what I came up with!

2016-03-13_0063Winter timeWinter timeCold daysWinter - Is it over yet

I also wanted to capture a few ring shots.  I love practicing my macro photography to see what neat ideas I can come up with for my future brides and grooms.  I love most things outdoors, so when the opportunity arises to be creative outdoors and work with the light and different angles, I am all for it!  I just used my own ring this time!!

Ring on a treeWinter Macro Ring ShotsWinter Ring Shots

Winter Ring ShotsWinter - Is it over yetWinter Time

Sometimes I love a matte version of photos.  I enjoying shooting for myself because it also allows me to edit for myself.  I try new techniques and new looks.  Hope you all like them and are praying for a warm spring to come soon:)  I know that I am ready to create some magic this spring and if you want to be a part of that, shoot me a quick message!!