Wait… is it June ALREADY????   I have no idea where May went, but it was here and gone. I am writing this post a bit late this month because so many new things have been happening in my life!  Here is what I have going on 🙂

1. How is busy season going?

Busy season is going GREAT!!  I have shot 5 weddings in the last 4 weeks and each and everyone have been everything that I had hoped it would be.  I don’t know how I have gotten so lucky to work with the people that have booked with me.  You all are AMAZING!!  I am so excited to finally sit back and do some editing of these sessions!

2.  A NEW JOB?!?!   

After a few months of thinking long and hard about a very important decision, my husband and I decided that it was best that I started looking for a different job.  So I started putting in my application and had a few interviews.  I started at Heiss Chiropractic and Acupuncture on May 22nd.  It definitely is different than what I was doing, but I actually enjoy going to work in the mornings.  There is always something to figure out and always nice patients coming through the door.  It is amazing how your attitude can change based on your employment.  This has been such a good change for me as a person and my family.

3.  Julie’s Update

Julie was able to get into the Clinical Trial at the Mayo. She has had a few treatments already and have had a few side affects because she has been getting them every week.  In June, she starts going every other week.  I will be takin the weekend off to take her up to the Mayo on June 16th.  I am excited to spend some quality time with her 🙂

4.  What project have we been working on?

Ryan and I have been doing some changes to the outside of our home.  We tore out a bunch of trees along the north and west side of our house, got a new mailbox, planted our garden, and planted some Arborite Trees along the front of our house and Hydrangea’s along the west side.  We are also still working on the backyard fence!  I also finally put together my birthday present!  See Below 🙂

5.  Fall Sessions

If you are interested in a fall session, shoot me a message to get your date set on the Calendar!  I am now booking August, September and October!  I do plan on taking a few months off this winter, so make sure you get your session booked before the dates fill up!! Email me at hello@stacykamler.com