I just love writing these 5 things Friday posts.  It is so great to be able to record my past months and remember what all I have done!

1. February Review

February came and went by so fast.  I love February because it is my birthday month, and I love to celebrate all month long.  This year it was so busy that this just didn’t happen.  I had a few shoots and have been working at the Chiropractic Office.  We finally hired someone total my place, so we have been training and I hope that it will work out!!

2. My 30th Birthday

I love celebrating my birthday!  This year I turned 30 and it was bittersweet.  Ryan was able to be home for the evening and took  me out to Kinja.  On Friday, Maxine took me out to Piedmont Bistro, which was AMAZING!  The next day, Ryan made sure to spoil me on Saturday.  I got my hair and makeup done, and then we got a hotel room downtown for the evening.  I knew that we were going to Rent, the broadway musical, but I didn’t know that he had planned for 19 of our closest friends to come along as well.  We all ate at Lazlos and had a great evening!

3. Lincoln’s Choice Awards

I got a fun phone call from the Journal Star that I made it into the Top Five for Lincoln’s Choice Awards for Top Photographer.  I couldn’t believe it!  We had two weeks to vote for the top three and will find out in the middle of March if I made it in the Top 3!  Stay Tuned!

4. Puppies

 This will probably be a topic each time, because I have turned into that crazy dog mom who loves her dogs like they are kids.  We went on vacation to Florida for a week and Kahlua went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, while Remy went to Kennel Inn.  They both had way to much fun!  Kahlua is much better with the potty training, though she won’t let us know she needs to go!  We are looking at taking them both to a trainer that we had found in Omaha that does not use an e-collar or ear pressure point.  We are excited to hear back from them to see the cost and how they train for hunting and behavior!

5. Florida

Ryan and I took a vacation to Florida this past month and it was the perfect time, because Nebraska has had an average temperature of 14 degrees.  I will eventually get the photos edited from it, but we went to some breweries, and lots of restaurants that had some great fish!  We visited the NASA space station at Cape Canaveral and went to the Daytona NASCAR race.  I would love to go back sometime really soon!