We went to Muri Beach and Lagoon a few times while we were in Rarotonga.  It was the most beautiful beach on the island, as you can see by these photos.  The water was so clear/blue that you could see the bottom.  There were so many sea cucumbers and this was the perfect place to so snorkeling.  We tried it twice.  The first time was awesome.  I could have stayed out there all day and looked at the hundreds of different kinds of fish.

While at Muri Beach we tried to paddle board.  I absolutely loved it, Ryan not so much!  He had a difficult time balancing on the board. I just had a hard time carrying the board 🙂  We went pretty far out in the lagoon and I was still amazed by all the fish that were swimming out there.  We ate at a restaurant by the sea called Sails Resturant and had Fish and Chips and a Burger.

Beautiful Beach at Rarotonga

Me by the blue water in Rarotonga

Selfie at Muri Beach

Muri Lagoon

Blue Water in Rarotonga

Pool at Rarotonga

Drinks in Rarotonga

One of Ryan’s things on his bucket list was drinking from a  real coconut.  He has never tried coconut water before so this was a cool experience.  We also found a place that made their own Vanilla Extract for cooking and purchased a bottle.  I love how much flavor you can taste in a batch of cookies!

Drinking Coconuts at Rarotonga

Drinking Coconut Water

Ryan Drinking Coconut water

Rocks in Muri Lagoon in Rarotonga

Rarotonga Beach

Clouds Rolling in over Muri Lagoon in Rarotonga

Puppy at Muri Lagoon

Rarotonga Rocks and Waves

Tai's Weather Rock

Muri Lagoon

Ryan in Muri Lagoon

Toes in Muri Lagoon

PaddleBoarding at Muri Lagoon

Muri Lagoon

Rarotonga Beaches

Waves in Rarotonga

Waves and Clouds in Rarotonga

Sea Cucumbers

Sunset at the beach in Rarotonga

Beach at Rarotonga

We tried snorkeling the following day also but did not have that much luck.  When were were snorkeling the tide had shifted directions and it became very difficult to keep my head above the water.  The sand was getting tossed around a lot, so we were not able to see as much.  The final post is all about the last adventures we had at Rarotonga!