Well, October came and went like the speed of light!  It was so busy with all of the family, senior, and engagement shoots this past month.  For my full time (day job) we have moved our office to Hickman in the midst of all the craziness.  We are finally getting settled in and I can’t wait to start learning something new!

1.  What am I looking forward to this month?   

I am looking forward to getting all of my sessions complete and delivered to my amazing clients.  I am also looking forward to getting a few good books read this next month and some new recipes tried out 🙂

2.  Christmas?   

Is Christmas or Thanksgiving on your Radar?!?  I know it is only November, but I am so excited for both.  I love all the food and getting to spend some extra time with loved ones.  I am also looking forward to some good Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

3.  What artist is on repeat on Pandora? 

I went over to my good friend Julie’s house to watch the CMA’s and was introduced to a great new artist.  Maren Morris is a country singer that has a beautiful voice and some great lyrics.  She has been added to my Pandora stations!

4.  How was Ryan’s Birthday?   

We had a great time at Ryan’s Birthday party and I think our guests enjoyed themselves also!  The Huskers won and we had plenty of Jello and pudding shots to go around!  The food was also so good, even though I didn’t get a cake made!  I made Birthday Cake Pudding Shots instead!

5. Family Photos?

November and Daylight Savings time has arrived!  Sooner than expected.  Please keep in mind that I do not have a studio so any sessions that are book from here on out will be weather pending.  Weekend availability is all that I have left.  All sessions are taken outdoors or in an indoor space that you may have!  If you are still needing family photos please email me at hello@stacykamler.  I am only taking a few more for the year to give myself a bit of a vacation!
November 5 Things Friday