For many photographers, their brand will represent who they are as a person and as a photographer.  It will attract the type of clients that they want to shoot.  It will help the client understand what kind of images they can usually expect to receive.  Since I began this journey about three years ago, I have learned so much about who I am as a person and what I want to represent.  This vision is beginning to change again.  I am really starting to dive deep into who I am and what I want out of life.  Within figuring this out, my personal taste has also changed.  I am redecorating my house, and buying new pieces of inspirational artwork to hang in my office.  This is beginning to form my brand.  One of the pieces that I purchased was black and gold with glitter and had the word Love written on it.  I used this piece to take a few photos to show you where Stacy Kamler Photography will be headed.

macro photographyGlitter ring shot

Ring shot black and whiteMacro Ring ShotMy Brand - Glitter Ring shot

Stacy Kamler Photography will be focused around Love.  Capturing the emotions and feeling that two people or a family have for each other is my main goal.  I am also beginning to put together a few packages, especially for my Brides and Grooms and Seniors that are more customizable for your wants and needs.  My goal is for it to have more of a boutique feel to the experience.  I love being able to really get to know who I am working with and I think that this will be great for that.  I also love the sophistication that goes with the black and gold colors.  I am going to keep the pink and of course try to add as much sparkle as I can!!   I am in the process of getting ideas for a new website and can’t wait until I get started on this revamp and make my ideas into a reality!


Thank you all for your love and support and I can’t wait to share you with you all of the fun little goodies that you may end up getting when booking a session with me! (Details are in the planning process, but I hope to share them soon!)