Exactly a year ago I had created this 30 before 30 bucket list.  I am reposting it because it it here for me to remember what dreams I have and what I need to do to accomplish them. Some of these are trips in the works and others are things that I am currently working on as we speak!  I hope to share more about these adventures soon! Here is to 28, may it be the best year yet!

My 30 before 30 list

1. Visit Australia – Done in October 2015 for our honeymoon!

2. Eat the Waffle Mac n’ Cheese at Andiron Steak and Sea in Las Vegas – Done in December of 2015 for our Christmas Road Trip!

3.  Start a family – Update in 2/17 – We are not sure if this is something that we still want.  There are a few places on our travel dreams that we want to accomplish.  We may consider fostering instead!

4. Meal plan and follow a monthly budget – Ryan and I have started to meal plan a bit!  Budgeting.. is a whole  other story!

5. Blog about more personal adventures – Take a look at some of the Honeymoon adventures on the blog!!!

6. Join Big Sister Program – Still a possibility!

7. Ride in a Hot air balloon – We did go to a Hot Air Balloon festival in Omaha last year for our anniversary and we not that impressed.  We would love to go to the New Mexico one!

8.  Visit 911 memorial

9. Shoot an engagement session in the fall in New England Colonies

10.  Go to a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

11. Visit Mayan Ruins

12. Visit Paris, Italy, and Greece – This may have turned into a 4 month Europe Vacation

13. See the Northern Lights in Alaska – We would love to go on a Cruise for this 🙂

14. Shoot a destination wedding in Colorado, California, Oregon, or Vermont!

15. Learn how to make buttercream icing

16. Redo my kitchen and also the living room and bedroom flooring

17. Wear more accessories – Who am I kidding?  I have a hard time remembering my wedding ring in the morning!

18. Host a Friendsgiving

19. Learn to crochet

20. Create a Book list of 30 and read them

21. Tour Wine Country in California – Done in December 2015.  My husband and I ended up purchasing 16 great bottles of wine and a case of beer 🙂

22. Learn Calligraphy – I have booked a class for April 8th!

23. Get caught up on Scrapbooks

24. Have my photography published – I have submitted to a few blogs this last year!

25. Take a pottery class

26. Begin Yoga

27. Run a 5k   This is just taken off the list!  I really don’t like to run 🙂

28. Try 52 new recipes – We have tried lots of new recipes.  I just have not posted any of them yet!

29. Throw a themed party and go all out with costumes, food and decor

30. Take a train to somewhere in the US

31. Buy a bike and ride it

32. Learn to make homemade bread and pasta noodles

33. Be part owner of a Winery

34. Be a mentor for photography

35. Shoot an In-Home Engagement Session – This is planned for April 23rd!!

36.  Put together a Styled Shoot

As you can see some things on my bucket list have been crossed off because they have been accomplished and other because my heart has changed directions.  There is still so much that I would love to accomplish before I am 30 and I only have two more years to do it!  #dreamchasin