Hickman, NE is slowly becoming my third home.  This past November our office for my full time job moved to downtown Hickman, near the Hickman Path.  This little community has some great big things that are happening.  For one, this area is great for photos.  I love spending time on this path and know that I will also enjoy walking on it during the Spring and Summer over my lunch break.  I am sure this little guy’s mom will be joining me a few times as well.

Evan is such a spunky ten year old who loves being outdoors and sports.  His favorite is hockey and really wishes that he could play.  Evan is such a great sport when in comes to taking photos and I secretly think he enjoys it!  He has such a great smile and such a fun personality.  I look forward to seeing where this year takes him!

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Photos down Hickman Path in Hickman, NE

Hickman Path Portraits for boy

10 year old boy photos

Hickman path

laughter from 10 year old boy

Smiles from birthday boy pictures

Black and White photo of 10 year old boy

The Hickman Path was the perfect spot for these photos.  The sun was shining in during golden hour and the trees were so green.  Happy Late Birthday buddy!!  I look forward to hanging out with you soon!