Introducing the newest addition to the Ault Family: Everett Dale Ault.  He decided to show his face on November 16, 2016 at Bryan East.  He weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Everett was a pretty stubborn baby which made for a long labor and delivery.  He made he appearance with a head full of white hair and full little cheeks.

A few weeks earlier I talked to Tamara to see if she would be interested in a Fresh 48 session.  This is my very first one and I am so blessed to have tried it out on my newest cousin.  I must say that I really enjoyed doing this Fresh 48 session and am considering adding this to a newborn package. It was such a great feeling seeing this new baby and all of the family and friends love him so much already. He is going to be so spoiled by his two oldest siblings, which you will see some photos of later. I loved watching all the friends and family come in and out of the room to meet him.

Take a look at my very first experience with a Fresh 48 session. I am sure you will all fall in love with this new boy 🙂

Newborn - Fresh 48

Everett - I'm a Boy!

Fresh 48 Newborn Session, Lincoln NE

Fresh 48 Session at Bryan East

Proud Daddy - Fresh 48 Session

Opening up gifts at Bryan East

Opening up gifts for Newborn

Happy Mom of three

Room view at Bryan East, Lincoln NE

Newborn getting checked at Bryan East

Big Brother pushing newborn down hallway

Guest holding newborn

Fresh 48

Guest visiting at Bryan

Friends visiting at Bryan East, Lincoln NE

Guest holding baby at Bryan East

Birth Certificate

Boy or Girl Video at Bryan East

Aunt Becky

Ice Cream at the Hospital

Ice Cream during Fresh 48

Family seeing the newborn

Bryan East Nursery

Bryan East

Food at Bryan East

Snacks at Bryan East

Bryan East has a great “baby wing.”  The oder kids loved all the snack options when they were there!  Thank you Tamara and Jason for allowing me to come and visit and capture a few special moments for your family. They just grow up to fast not to have these memories.  Keep checking back for Everett’s newborn photos.  They are just too cute!