Little Everett isn’t so little anymore!  This guy is 6 months old and has such a cute personality.  This 6 month old sessions was full of smiles and drool from him.  He laughed and cooed and tried to eat his feet 🙂  He is working on his tummy muscle to be able to sit up by himself and loves being on this stomach.  Everett has the blondest and longest hair I have seen for a 6 month old!  Gosh, I just can’t get over how cute he is 🙂  I am pretty lucky to be able to see him and his smiles and drools each month!

6 month old studio session

boy in bowtie for 6 month photos

reach for your toes. Studio session

little 6 month old boy - smiles and drool

Big brown eyed boy

Barefoot 6 month old

barefoot 6 month old

6 month old in bowtie

Smiling and Happy 6 month old photos

6 month old photo session

black and white 6 month old photo

Smiles and Drools - 6 month old boy

I am pretty excited for this summer sessions coming up of him because I am envisioning some water and bubbles coming his way!  Everett, can you just stay little for a while longer?!  Time sure does fly by!