Everett is now three months old and full of smiles for us!  I can’t believe how many photos I have of this little guy making funny faces!  I swear he is doing an impersonation of Elvis in one of these.  Each month I have been taking these since he was born and I think it is pretty cool that he is starting to recognize me a bit quicker than the time before.  I do not have kids of my own, but I sure do love to spoil my cousin’s, neighbor’s, and client’s kiddos!  I hope this session will make you smile just like it did me 🙂



Elvis Face of a three month old

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Little boy photos in studio

Photos of three month old on fur

Three month photos: Throw the bones

Plaid shirt on a little boy in a basket

Three month photos: Shirt with tie

Three Month old photos in basket with tongue sticking out

I hope you are enjoying these each month, just as much as I enjoy taking them!  Soon enough it will be nice enough to go and do some exploring outside with this little guy.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the feel of grass between his toes and the sunshine on his face.  Soon enough, Spring will be here!  Until next time!!