So we all know that I am way behind on my blogging.  Like, way behind.  This little boy is about ready to turn ONE next month!  I am going to try and play some catch up starting with Jaden’s 3 month old photos. Laura had been referred to me by one of her friends and I am so happy to have been able to watch this handsome little boy grow!  At 3 months, sometimes you get smiles and other times some pretty serious faces.  Take a look 🙂

3 Months old3 Months old boy

As a Nebraska photographer I love taking photos outdoors.  Nebraska has some of the most beautiful locations.  We started out at Holmes Lake with mom and dad.  Jaden, 3 months old, didn’t quite know what to think!

Hugs and Kisses are his favorite 😉

Hugs and KissesNebraska Family PhotographerMother and SonNebraska Family Photographer

We are just working on holding up our head while on the tummy.  Laura also brought some stuffed animals along to be in a few of the photos.  She uses these in her monthly photos that she takes at home, (which are so cute!) You will see them again each month!

Boy and his animalsStudio photographylittle boy

At 3 months, it is a bit difficult to keep your head up for such a long time 😉

The outtakes are some of my favorite!

3 Months old

little boy 3 months old boy

What a beautiful family they have!  Jaden, you are one lucky little boy!

Family PhotosNebraska Family PhotographerFamilyStudio PhotographyStudio Photography

His first photo shoot and we were trying to make him smile like he does at home.  Still wasn’t having it.  I love how the photos can show you how a person was at that specific moment in time.  And, he is just adorable, smile or not!

Family PhotosNebraska Family Photographer

I can’t wait to share the 6 and 9 month photos this month also!  My goal is to have them all posted before Jaden turns one!  He has grown so much and has really become into his own little person.  That is one of my favorite parts of taking photos, staying connected with the families and being able to capture a sweet time in their lives that they will be able to have forever.  Stayed tuned for his 6 month session at a park… with broncos gear 🙂