I was so lucky to have my cousin ask me to take her son’s senior photos.  I still can’t believe that he is a senior already!  I remember when we were all little and hanging out at the family gatherings, just running around.  It was great!  Now he is getting ready to pick a college and a career.

We spent the afternoon in our hometown, Geneva to find a few “urban” style photos.  We found a few back alleys and some pretty cool staircases to use.  After that we went back to my parents farm and found a few pathways and used our neighbors pond as well.  The sun was peeking through just right that evening.  It turned out to be a beautiful night!  After the photos, we were able to hang out with all of our family to celebrate my two aunts birthdays! Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Sue celebrated their 60th and 70th birthdays!


This might be one of his favorite shirts, *hint* the name!!  2015-10-02_0171


The light was great and so was Jordan  I just love photographing Seniors:)2015-08-29_00212015-08-29_00232015-08-29_00222015-10-02_01692015-08-29_0024

As a senior photographer, one of my favorite parts is getting to know the kids.  We took these photos this summer and I am slowly getting caught up on my blogs, so I did have to have a refresher from his mom!  *Thanks Angie!* He is currently going to Smithville High School in Smithville, Missouri.  He has two favorite colleges that he is still deciding between, Iowa State and the University of Minnesota.  Both would be fantastic choices and would be great for his major.

2015-10-02_0172Jordan wants to major in Aerospace Engineering.  If you anything like me, you are like “What in the world is that?!”  Google is my best friend today and said that it was: “the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft.”  To me, this is a pretty cool career.  I can’t wait to see what this degree will do for him and where he will end up!  It is so exciting to have such an open road open!

I am also sure that these jumping skills will help him figure out all of the aerodynamics needed for this career 🙂


I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your future.  Keep having fun and living life to the fullest!  Learn lots and don’t party too hard next year 🙂