These two families have a very special place in my heart.  These photos show two brothers and their families, and of course my favorite part, the cousins!  They are all so lucky to have each other and be so close in age.  As you can see in the photos, these cousins do know how to have a GREAT time!!  Ok, ok, the parents can have fun too 🙂

Nebraska FamilyFamilyBrothers

Of course anything that the parents get to do, the cousins try to do ten times better!  What do you all think?!


My favorite photos are the photos that are unplanned.  We were just getting ready to walk out to our cars and they set this up perfectly.  All I had to say was “Stop, and turn around!”   I just love how it turned  out,with everyone laughing and smiling!Nebraska Family

The first brother is Beau and his beautiful fiancé Becky.  They have a house full of love and laughter from all of their kids.  They keep very busy with school activities and select sports like soccer and basketball.  They also love running around outside with their cousins.


Serioulsy a great group of great looking kids 🙂SiblingsSiblings

Tamara is my  cousin from my mom’s side.  It is so crazy how both of our moms look and laugh alike and how much Tamara and I look alike!  Jason and Tamara have been married for 11 years.  Avriana is like a mini me, but loves sports, especially softball.  I have been so lucky to  have these wonderful people so close to me and to be able to be a part of their lives.

Family LoveNebraska Family

The parents! LoveCousinsCousinsBoys vs Girls. They sure do love playing any games like this.  Its great because they are very similar in ages.  3 against 3, but when they tackle the world or want something from mom and dad, its all 6 of them 🙂 Boys and GirlsI will just leave you with this.  Can all of my sesions be this fun!?!


It has been so great being able to hang out with these two families.  I love being able to see how the cousins interact and to be able to see how much fun they all have together.  Birthday Parties and Easter are a few times a year that we get to hang out.  The kids always love being able to find all of the eggs and then seperating out their candy, and of course love all playing with any new toys they get for their birthdays and eating the cake.  Beau, Becky, Jason and Tamara, you both have beautiful familys and it is a blast being able to hang out with some very respectful dn fun loving kids!  Can’t wait to see you all again:)