This adorable blond hair blue eyed boy has stolen my heart.  He is such a blessing to the Ault family and just brings so much joy to you when you see him.  I love getting to see hime every month for photos.  He is so curious and loves watching my flash when taking the photos, as you can see in a few of them!  This little blonde hair blue eyed boy is a little stinker, because he will smile and laugh so much and the instant you put your camera up, whether it be the phone or my large Canon, he becomes so serious!   Take a look 🙂

Blonde Hair blue eyed boy

4 month old photos sitting up by him self

4 month old eating his shirt

4 month old portraits

all smiles for 4 month pictures

little 4 month old boy with a fox shirt

Blonde Hair blue eyed boy

boy 4 months photos

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

4 month old in a box with a white rug

We are hoping that next month it will be nice weather and that we will be able to go outside for a few of the photos!  He is such a strong 4 month old and loves to stand on your legs, so I am sure that he will be sitting up very soon!  I can’t wait to also capture a few photos of him with his siblings this summer.  They are just so good with him!  He will let Avriana take photos of him though 🙂   Until next month!