Jessa and I met through my husband and their work.  She has two kids, Adrian and Cali.  When she first contacted me about taking some family photos, we had the idea of going to the Lancaster county fair to get some really fun interaction shots of the three of them.  Unfortunately, the dates did not line up with our schedules so we decided to do the next best thing, the Haymarket.  I think that this turned out to be a beautiful choice.  Adrian and Cali were great in front of the camera.  They owned it when it was their turn!  Just look at their smiles!

Beautiful Family PhotosHaymarket, Downtown, LincolnLincoln HaymarketNebraska Portrait Photographer

One of the greatest gifts is a bond between a mother and her kids.  You can tell how much these two look up the Jessa.  They love learning, laughing and having a great time with each other.  My favorite photos are the interaction photos between them.

Mother and Daughter

Haymarket, Downtown, Lincoln

Mother and ChildrenNebraska Portrait Photographer

Nebraska Portrait PhotographerNebraska Family Photographer

Cali and Adrian are so lucky to have each other as brother and sister.  They have so much fun together!  They were dancing down the Haymarket sidewalks and laughing so hard!  We even managed to get some sibling kisses in 🙂  They also loved their individual photos.  Adrian and Cali loved the spotlight on the sidewalks of the Haymarket!

Brother and SisterBrother and SisterChildren Portraits

Towards the end of the shoot, the kids were getting ready to go, but not before one last photo!  We may or may not have had to bribe them with Ivanna Cone ice cream at the Haymarket!  I am pretty sure this was their favorite part of the night!

Haymarket, Downtown, LincolnMother and Children

Jessa,  Thank you for asking me to shoot your families photos!  I loved working with you and your kids!  You have a beautiful family and you guys look great in your coordinating outfits!  I can’t wait to watch these kids grow up into young adults!  They sure do have a beautiful woman to look up to!