A little bit about me:  I love shooting weddings!  I love shooting detail shots – all types of details – rings, dress, shoes, earrings, cuff links, table decorations and flowers.  One of my goals for this year is to work on my detail shots especially my macro photography skills.  When I am browsing through Instagram, wedding ring shots always jump out at me.  I love the detail work that goes into setting up a really cool ring shot.  Macro photography is one thing that I would love to work on and become more successful at it this year.  Since I just got married this year, I decided to try a few shot with my own ring.  This first one was from my engagement ring.  My husband did an amazing job on picking out my diamond!

Engagement Ring Photo

After my wedding, I wanted to try a few ring shots with Ryan’s ring and my own ring.  Unfortunately, I did not get very many ring shots from my wedding day and I absolutely loved my flowers, so I decided to try a few really quick at home the next day.  The flowers were created by I Bloom out of Lincoln.  It was so fun being able to practice my macro photography with the flowers and my new ring.  When we went shopping for my wedding band we decided to reset my stone into a different band.  I had an idea of what I wanted it overall to look like, and Ryan agreed.  It is perfect 🙂

Macro PhotographyWedding RingsWedding Rings and FlowersWedding Ring Shot

I also wanted to try a few outdoors with my new macro lens.  We had not purchased my new wedding and engagement band at this time, but I still wanted to show the difference between it!  I have also learned a new technique on how to make your rings stand up or have them in different positions.  Some of these photos show off Ryan’s ring more so than my diamond, which is also a good thing because the marriage is about two people.  That is what these rings stand for.  The commitment that two people have for each other.  I am so lucky to have found one of the good guys!

Brides DiamondWedding Rings on WoodMacro PhotographyGrooms Wedding Band

As a Nebraska wedding photographer, I can’t wait to shoot more macro photography this year with the weddings that I have coming up.  Rings, cuff links, jewelry, shoes, dresses, and flowers!  Hope you are ready for some beautiful work to come your way this year!!