A few weeks ago you saw Jaden’s 3 month photos.  I can’t believe how fast 6 months came 🙂  We had so much fun shooting these.  Laura had came with the stuffed animals and some great ideas of what she was wanting, including Broncos gear!  Jaden is now starting to crawl and loves to stand and climb on anything he can get ahold of.  Another one of my favorite parks as a Nebraska portrait photographer is Bethany Park.  It is a smaller park that not many people know about, but is perfect for photos.  The grass was green and lush and there was not very many people there!  To start you off today, Jaden with his animals again.  He loved every minute of this photo session… you just wait and see!

6 Month old portraits
6 Months

Boy standing by chair - 6 Months

I know that it is so cliché, putting a baby in a basket.  But when they are just this cute, how can you resist!  Plus, it helps them stay in one spot and he doesn’t have to touch the grass!  You see more of this soon.

Baby in a basket

baby boy portraits

Seriously though – How cute is he,  the curls and the eyelashes, and the little button down!!

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

This session, mom brought some great toys to help make him smile.  His favorite is the sing along one!  I wish I could bring Laura along with me to all my kid sessions because she is wonderful!!

Happy 6 Month Old

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Jaden wanted to be on the go.  I think the boards that Jaden was crawling on were to rough on his knees, but that didn’t stop him!  He was checking everything out that he could.

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Portraits 6 month old boy

Jaden and his friends again!  See, I told you they would be back!

A boy and his friendsA boy and his friendsCrawling Baby6 Months

So this begins Jaden’s experiment with grass.  This is the first time that he has really had a chance to sit in it or play with it.  Lets just say, it didn’t go very well!  He hated it!  His facial expressions made both of us laugh.  I love watching kids explore and learn new things.

6 month portrait

Dad’s favorite team is the Denver Broncos.  We had to get a few photos in this outfit and blanket.  He was so ready to go!  Ready to walk and mom was right there helping him.  I love seeing a bond between a mother and a son.  It is so special.

Nebraska Portrait PhotographerNebraska Portrait Photographer

So far, so good.  We love the Broncos!!   Go Team Go!!

Portraits of Mom and son

And then we lose our faith in the Broncos.

If you must know what was really going on in this photo, we learned before that Jaden did not like the grass.  He hated the feel of it, he wanted to crawl around and just couldn’t.  It had nothing to do with the Broncos…  He was just ready to be done.

6 MonthsBroncos BabyBroncos Baby

But don’t worry because he was back cheering on the Broncos in the end 🙂

Happy Happy Boy

Jaden, your smile and your curiosity is so fun to watch.  Spending time with you and your mom was great.  I loved being able to capture your spirit and your enthusiasm to learn and try new things, even if you didn’t like them.  I hope you never lose this sense of wonder.  Don’t forget to keep cheering the Broncos on 🙂