This wedding has been one of my favorite weddings to date.  It all started when a great photographer took a chance on having me help second shoot this special day.  Amelia with Millie B Photography has an amazing talent.  Not only does she have beautiful work, she also has a beautiful heart.  One of the kindest,  most genuine people that I know.  Seriously – Go check it out!!  You won’t regret it.  As a midwest wedding photographer herself, she opened up her arms and taught me so much that day.  It was such a joy to work with her.  Now on to the bride and groom!  It was a great surprise to find out that I was helping shoot Luke and Aaryn’s wedding. In high school, I was really good friends with Luke’s sister’s Andrea and Kylee, so I knew Luke going into this.  Once I met Aaryn, I felt like I had known her for years also!

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Luke and Aaryn have a very solid Christ centered relationship.  Their first look was so special and you could see the excitement that they both had and were ready to make this commitment to each other.

Bride and Groom

He was a very dapper groom. I love the suit coats, jeans and boots.  It really does suit them perfectly.

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Aaryn, was such a beautiful bride.  The lace on her dress matched her hair piece that was a family heirloom.  Her blue sapphires adds the finishing touch.

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Their love for each other is so beautiful.  You can truly see it in their eyes when they look at each other.  It’s not everyday that you are lucky enough to witness something so special.

Nebraska Wedding PhotographerBride and Groom

Luke and Aaryn got married in a beautiful church surrounded by their friends and family.  They made this life long commitment in front of God and all of these people who will support them throughout their life.

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Luke spent time branding these trees for their centerpieces.  These personal touches are a true midwest wedding photographer’s dream.

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As a midwest wedding photographer you see a lot of farm related stuff at weddings. This is one of the best ones!  They took a tractor and trailer around after the ceremony to get to the reception.  The bridal party was a riot!  Oh my, they all had such a great time!!

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This wedding was a turning point for me in 2015.  The kindness that Millie B Photography had shown me really opened up my eyes to a whole new wedding world.  Luke and Aaryn had a beautiful wedding and I am so grateful that I was able to help out and learn so much.  May you two have a blessed marriage and a life full of happiness! Thank you again to Amelia for giving this opportunity! I can’t wait to create more magic with you!!