Our family is a circle of strength and love… Our family with every birth and union the circle grows, our family is a circle of strength, every crisis faced together makes the circle grow stronger. – Harriet Morgan

This quote exemplifies this family.  I was so blessed to be able to capture some very special memories for this large and fun-loving group of people.  We all beared the heat this evening and still managed to get some great shots!  The kids were so fun to work with also, just adorable!

Family Photos

Steve and Mary Rust, the heart and soul of this family.  They are a pretty special couple to have raised such wonderful  children!

Mom and Dad

CJ, Marcus, Tiffany and Kyle are the siblings.  I will be the first to say that we had a hard time getting a photo that didn’t have something silly going on!  These kids are just so full of life, it is hard to make them stand still!

Brothers and Sisters

This has to be one of my absolute favorite photos of all time.  Erin and CJ with Grandma.  The pure happiness in this photo is exactly what you could feel in this moment.

Family Photos

Erin and CJ are my first couple that is featured.  Erin is one beautiful and strong woman.  She is battling a very aggressive cancer.  She has one of the best support systems around and I was so blessed to be able to capture a few special moments for these two.  I love how you can feel the love between them in the photos.  It is magical!

LoveTrue Love

Kyle and Tinera have two cute little kids, Braelynn and LT.  These two little ones stole the show this evening.  Can’t you tell 🙂

Nebraska Family PhotosBrother and SistersNebraska Engagement Photographer

When you capture joy on a child’s face is the best!  I’m not sure what was going on here for sure, but it had Braelynn smiling!!

Mother and Daughter

Tiffany and her three girls, Avary, Rylie, and Kennedi were so fun.  We managed to get a few smiles from them Kennedi wanted nothing to do with the camera.  She just wanted to play with her cousins.

Nebraska Family PhotographerFamily Photos

Interaction photos are my favorite.  Everyone was trying to tickle Kennedi.  The laughter that came from this was the best!  We did get a few individuals of each girl.  I know that they will grow up into three beautiful ladies with a very special woman to look up to!


Marcus, Amy Madison, and Judson are such a cute family.  Madison and Judson get along like two peas in a pod!  They definitely showed me their personalities and loved having attention.  Madison, especially loved posing and showing off her cowgirl boots 🙂

Family PhotosNebraska Portrait PhotographerBrother and SisterLoveGrandma and Grandkids

A few more fun photos from the evening.  I remember a comment on this photo when I posted it on Facebook.  “Is that knee pop natural!”  I would have to say yes 🙂  You two are great together, it shows!!

Love - Married - Husband and WifeNebraska Portrait Photographer

These beauties showing off their sass and cowgirl boots!  How much better can it get?!?


As a Nebraska portrait photographer, I believe that it is so important to have memories like this captured.  Being together as a family, being there for each other, and tackling what life throws at you is what is is about.  These photos show the love and the bond that this family has.  I felt  so welcomed when I got there and continued to laugh with them throughout the shoot  – even in the heat!

Nebraska Family Photographer

Nebraska Family PhotographerRust Family

Thank you Rust Family for asking me to capture some fun and special moments for your family.  You guys are all amazing.  I truly hope that you can always look back at these and be able to remember where you were at in life and how much love you have for each other.  I  loved laughing with you guys and hanging out for an evening!  Always stay crazy and fun and filled with love!