Two posts in one day!?!  This has never happened before!  The previous post, I looked over my 2017 goals to see what I needed to work on and what I had accomplished.  The last post was more so I could hold my self accountable throughout the year.  Here is to 2018 and big accomplishments 😉

Stacy Kamler Photography

Follow my Blog Calendar

Shoot 15 weddings as a primary shooter

Shoot 6 weddings as a second shooter

Book 4 shoots per month, including 5 Seniors, 2 Styled Shoots and 2 Grow-with-me Collections

Take the Flash/Lighting Course that I had purchased a few years ago

Explain the importance of Prints and Albums to my clients

Read 1 business book every 3 months

Keep track of my accounting records once a month – Expenses, Income, Mileage, and Tax! —  I have to make sure to do this

ReWrite old blog post to update the SEO

Use Pinterest as Marketing Tool

Post to Facebook and Instagram consistently each day

Take Ashley Crawford’s Film course

Expand my Network of Vendors around Nebraska.

Sell my Simga 70-200

Upgrade my Canon 85

Purchase lighting for church family photos

Personal Goals

Update my Kitchen – cabinets and flooring

Repaint upstairs and redo flooring upstairs

Buy a new couch for the living room

Get caught up on scrapbooks – This has been a goal for a few years!

Read a book for fun every 3 months

Create and follow a meal plan – Eat out only twice a week

Work out 2 times a week – Yoga, Zumba, Weights, Walking the dog

Create a budget and put money into savings

Finish Ryan’s “Man Cave” and Office

Begin planning out Greece trip for 2019

Plan our trip to Oregon this Summer

Plan a wedding (to see if this is something that I would like to offer)

Quit my day job and do Photography Full-Time

Research places for a studio/creative work space

Take two days off a month

2018 is starting off to be a great year.  It is already flying by and I have so much to accomplish this year!  I honestly can’t wait to continue to see where my life and adventures take me this year!  I hope to keep you all updated with these goals!