This year I turn 30.  This is supposed to be a big milestone birthday, but to be honest it just feels like another typically day.  Yes, we will celebrate and have hang out with friends, but it still doesn’t seem real.  I am 30.  There is so much that I still want to accomplish in my life and there has been so much that I feel like I should have accomplished already.  There are days that I sill feel like I am 20 and just learning how to live this life.

Three years ago I made a 30 before 30 bucket list.  I made it to try and hold me accountable for my dreams and goals.  I made it to have something to look forward to, to work towards.  A few of these things, I will be taking off my bucket list and I will probably add a few others.  I enjoy looking back at this to see how far we  have come and where we can still go.  I am hoping to find more peace within myself in my 30’s, I am hoping to begin to do the things I truly love and have the people in my life that make it better in every way.  I can’t wait to see what 30 will bring my way!

My Bucket List

1. Visit Australia – Done in October 2015 for our honeymoon!

2. Eat the Waffle Mac n’ Cheese at Andiron Steak and Sea in Las Vegas – Done in December of 2015 for our Christmas Road Trip!

3.  Start a family – Update in 4/18 –  Ryan and I still have not decided if we want to start a family.  We did get a puppy in November of 2017 and we are happy with that!  Update 2/19 – We added another puppy to our family in December 2018!  No Children on the radar anytime soon 🙂

4. Meal plan and follow a monthly budget – Update in 4/18 – Meal Planning went out the window.  But, we have put a budget in place and have done really well with it so far!  We have even started putting money away for retirement and trips, each week! Update 2/19 – I would still like to do this.  I have been recording what I eat to see how it makes me feel.  I have been having some stomach aches after eating certain things so I am trying to figure out what they exactly are.

5. Blog about more personal adventures – Take a look at some of the Honeymoon adventures on the blog!!!  Update 4/18 – I will be going on three different trips this year so make sure to check back for these adventures!  Update 2/19 – I went on a few trips last year and am finally getting around to editing those photos, so hopefully I will get them done soon!

6. Join Big Sister Program – Still a possibility!  Update 2/19 – I would still love to do this at some point in my life, but right now is not the right time.

7. Ride in a Hot air balloon – We did go to a Hot Air Balloon festival in Omaha last year for our anniversary and we not that impressed.  We would love to go to the New Mexico one, but not ride in one!

8.  Visit 911 Memorial

9. Shoot an engagement session in the fall in New England Colonies –Any Takers, We are planning on being there Fall of 2019!

10.  Go to a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

11. Visit Mayan Ruins

12. Visit Paris, Italy, and Greece – We are planning for 2020!

13. See the Northern Lights in Alaska – We would love to go on a Cruise for this 🙂

14. Shoot a destination wedding in Colorado, California, Oregon, South Carolina or Vermont!  – I have some great deals for bride getting married in these states!

15. Learn how to make buttercream icing

16. Redo my kitchen and also the living room and bedroom flooring – Plan to repaint the kitchen cabinets are in the works for May of this year! Update 2/19 – My mom painted the cabinets and they look amazing!  We have also bought the flooring and backsplash and have our countertops picked out!

17. Wear more accessories – Who am I kidding?  I have a hard time remembering my wedding ring in the morning!

18. Host a Friendsgiving – Update 2/19 – We have such an array of friends and not a big enough house to host, so this may have to wait until we move!

19. Learn to crochet – Update 2/19 – This is not something that I want to learn anymore.

20. Create a Book list of 30 and read them

21. Tour Wine Country in California – Done in December 2015.  My husband and I ended up purchasing 16 great bottles of wine and a case of beer 🙂

22. Learn Calligraphy – This was so cool!  I hope to continue to practice this technique!

23. Get caught up on Scrapbooks – I really don’t think that this is going to happen, so I may make some Shutterfly books instead.

24. Have my photography published – I have submitted to a few blogs this last year! – Update 2/19 – I have not tried to submit anymore places, but I would love to begin shooting more of what I love to shoot and for myself.

25. Take a pottery class

26. Begin Yoga – Update 4/18 – I will be starting Yoga in June 2018! Update 2/19 – I Loved doing Yoga, but got so busy with wedding season, so I postponed my membership until June 2019.

27. Run a 5k   This is just taken off the list!  I really don’t like to run 🙂

28. Try 52 new recipes – I really need to start a list of these recipes!

29. Throw a themed party and go all out with costumes, food and decor

30. Take a train to somewhere in the US

31. Buy a bike and ride it – Update 2/19 – This is just being taken off my list 🙂

32. Learn to make homemade bread and pasta noodles

33. Be part owner of a Winery – Still our Dream!

34. Be a mentor for photography – Update 2/19 – I was a part of the Omaha Photo Collaborative Group and was able to be a mentor for a few months.  It was a great experience!

35. Shoot an In-Home Engagement Session – Update 4/18 – This In-home session was a blast!  I can’t wait to do another one!

36.  Put together a Styled Shoot – Update 4/18 – Celene with CK Artistry, Natalie with I Bloom and Adorned Bridal were a part of this amazing shoot that Schuyler had modeled for!

I have loved looking back at this to see what all I have done and what we still want to accomplish.  Can’t wait to see what the next 30 years bring!    #dreamchasin