5 Things Friday | 2022

1. Travel

We were finally able to do some traveling in 2022.  The last posts were done in 2020, when the “Pandemic” was in full swing.  Please don’t get me started on that, but in 2022, life slowly got back to somewhat normal.  Vaccine Mandates were lifted, Mask Mandates were lifted and people were ready to be social!  We did a few travels in 2022.  At the end of December 2021 and beginning of January 2022 we took a road trip out to California to see family and go to our favorite wineries.  Lots of wine was brought back and we had a great time.  In October, Ryan and I traveled to Maine for some fall foliage and lobster and then down to Pigeon Forge for a wedding. Overall it was a fun year!

2. The Pups

Remy and Kahlua are still doing great.  They love going on walks, going to Grandma and Grandpas, and eating al of their treats.  Remy is starting to slow down a bit.  We did find some supplements for her hips that seem to be working well.  Kahlua is still super chill and obsessed with squirrels!

3. Winery

I am still working out at Capitol View Winery.  Ryan and I however had decided not to purchase the winery.  We hope that whoever does buy it, loves is as much as we have!

4. House Remodel

Our house is pretty much finished!  The backyard has a big patio with lots of grills and an entertainment space!  We use this space all the time in the Spring thru Fall.  We have all new flooring upstairs, everything is painted and ready for the next step!  A few touchup things is all we have left.

5. Future Plans

2022 has taught us some important life lessons.  God is always with us.  God is Good.  God will never give you something you can’t handle.  Our future plans did complete 180 in the Summer of 2022.  After a few deaths of very important people in our lives, we have decided that it is time for us to move out of Lincoln.  We found some land up by Lewis and Clark Lake and are starting the building process.  We are hopeful to be in by Christmas of 2023!   With this change of location, I am going to need to find employment!  Any ideas – let me know!