Here is my August Five Things Friday post!  I am here to tell you a little bit about my plans for our One Year Anniversary and a guilty pleasure of mine:)  July has flown by and I can’t believe all that I have done.  July 9th started my streak of wedding Saturdays until September.  It has been so much fun meeting new people and working with some amazing couples!  August is going to be great and I can’t wait to share more wedding posts!

1.  What is a recent book that I have read? 

Ok, So I guess I didn’t actually read the book, but I did listen to it.  On my way to Rochester, I downloaded the book called To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han.  It was a super easy listen/read and was quite funny.  It is about a High School girl and some letters that she had written to all of the boys that she used to love.  A very cute book that was great for a road trip!

2.  Here is one of my favorite TV shows!    

The Bachelorette is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.  I also love The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.  My hopeless romantic side comes across when I watch these shows.  I really do want everyone to fall in love at the end and actually make it work in “real life”.  Any type of Reality love TV show is a guilty pleasure and I get addicted fast 🙂

3.  What song is on repeat on Pandora? 

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake has been playing both on Pandora and SiriusXM for the past few weeks, multiple times a day!  It seriously makes me want to shake my shoulder every time I hear it and is the perfect summertime party song!

4.  Our One Year Anniversary Plans?   

August 15 is our One Year Anniversary.  I can’t believe that we are already celebrating this milestone in our marriage.  This past year has gone by so fast.  I can’t believe how many changes we have had and how we have grown this past year.  We are not going on a big trip this year, so we decided to do a little StayCation.

The Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival will be in Omaha that weekend, so we are going to go enjoy a night out.  The next morning we will head down to Indian Cave State Park for some fishing and horseback riding.  On our way home, we hope to go to Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard.  There  is an Apple Raspberry wine that I have my eye on.  Our final stop will be in Eagle for a night of Dirt Track Racing.  Since most weddings are on Saturday, this is something that we have not been able to go to near as much this year.  On Sunday, we plan on celebrating his Grandma’s Birthday and possibly head up to Bella Terre to their Under the Tuscan Sunday’s to reminisce our Wedding Day that we had there a year ago!

5. How is Julie doing?

You may remember that back in April, Erin and I put on a benefit for one of my good friends Julie, battling AngioSarcoma for the 2nd time.  Well, a lot has happened over the past few months.  After many conversations with friends and family members, Julie had decided to take her case to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  From the very first time she contacted them, they were incredible helpful.  Julie and her mom met with the Doctors up there and were very happy with their action plan.  They really felt that they had a good chance of helping her.

She is going through 5 weeks of Radiation and Chemo treatments at the Mayo Clinic.  Julie will be home most of the month of August to rest up before step two.  After that, she will have a surgery to get rid of the AngioSarcoma Cancer.  This is a very extensive surgery that does involve skin graphing and about a week’s stay at the Mayo.  I was able to and visit her in the middle of July and will hopefully be able to go up during the surgery also.  I hope to get a blog post up from the trip soon!  Our trip was was full of exciting adventures and it was so great to see her again!

Please say an extra prayer for Julie, that gives the doctors the knowledge to help her and gives Julie the strength to keep on fighting this battle.

August 5 Things Friday