This handsome little man had some Easter photos taken along with his 5 month old photos.  We were not sure how he was going to do in the basket full of eggs, but to my surprise he did great!  Everett just wanted to eat all of them!  After a few Easter time images, we got 5 month old Everett to sit up for us with a little help.  I think by next months photos, he will be sitting up all on his own!  He is growing and still eating so good and loves being with his siblings.  I know they just love him also!  His personality is starting to show through a bit and loves anything that makes noise.  Everett still does not like that big black thing taking photos of him, as we can hardly get him to smile when it is in front of my face!  Maybe next month 🙂  Take a scroll through this adorable little boy’s 5 month photos!
Handsome 5 month old boy

Easter Egg Photos

little boy feet

Nebraska Portrait Photographer - 5 months old in plaid shirt

Serious boy face pictures

5 month old in plaid shirt

Easter Photos for 5 month baby boy

Easter Egg Photos for 5 month old boy

Baby Boy Easter Photos

5 month Easter Photos baby Boy

Nebraska Portrait Photographer