Here if my February 5 Things post!  I actually really enjoy writing these because it kind of sums up my month and helps me remember some of the positive things in life!  It seems that each month just keeps flying by faster than the last!

1.  How as my Photography Conference in Provo?  

A few days ago I got back from Provo, Utah.  I went to the Photo Native 2017 Photography Conference.  It was so much fun!  I loved learning with so many great photographers including Abbey Kyhl, Summer Murdock and India Earl!  Over the next few months, I will blog about my experience a bit more!

Mountains in Utah

2.  Blog Post Secret!     

I have a secret!  I pre-blog some of my blog posts!  One Saturday, I literally sat on the couch all day and wrote 16 posts that are post-dated till May!  I am happy to say that I FINALLY have all of my honeymoon blog posts written! Every other week on Wednesday I will have one posted telling about my travel experience to Australia, New Zealand, and Rarotonga!  The first one went up and you can check it out here!

3.  What artist is on repeat on Pandora? 

Inner Demons by Julia Brennan is on repeat for this past month.  I heard the song on The PULSE and just can’t stop listening to it!

4.  2017 Plannner?   

I finally purchased a planner.  I got a pretty simple one from Target and then did a bunch of color coding to make it efficient to use.  I also found a new accountant and they had sent me mileage book!  I am so thankful for this and really hope to continue to record my mileage, receipts and keep blogging on time this year!!

5.  WunderRosa Winery and Stout Festival

I have worked at the winery a few times in January and have a few more dates set up for February!  I really enjoy working with all of the customers and enjoy learning about the wine!  I also enjoyed going to the Stout Festival at Happy Raven towards the end of January.  I have gained some appreciation for craft beers and really like stouts.  I absolutely loved going to this and trying so many different kinds!