I am just going to start this blog post with:
Can you believe how stinkin’ cute these kids are?!?!  We have a 13 year old going on 21 year old girl, a 10 year old boy going on 15 and a week old little boy that just steals my heart every time I am around them.  This little boy is truly a miracle baby and he is so lucky to have been born into such an amazing family.  His parents and sibling just love and spoil him so much!  I was pretty excited when Tamara had mentioned that she was interested in some Christmas photos for cards this year.  I found this little outfit for baby Everett and just couldn’t resist.  It must have been meant to be because it fit perfect.  Take a look!

Siblings with Christmas outfits

Christmas photo for brothers

Christmas Photos with big sister

Black and White sibling photo

Brother holding baby brother


Brother and Sister

Siblings with Newborn Brother in Studio

Kisses from all siblings in the studio

Baby Brother

Newborn brother and Teenage Sister Photos
Studio portrait with Siblings

Christmas photo of all siblings

My favorite is the one where Everett is smiling while his big sister is giving him a kiss.  I honestly could not have timed that any better.  Both Evan and Avriana are such great helpers and have grown so much since Everett was born.  I am excited to be able to capture his monthly photos so stayed tuned!