June, its going to be a hot and busy Month! ¬†Take a peek at how May went ūüôā

1. South Carolina Vacation

My mom and I visited Charleston, South Carolina at the beginning of May and it was AMAZING!! ¬†The History, the Food, the Art and the Beaches… ¬†oh my, I was in HEAVEN. ¬†I hope to post more photos on my blog very soon! ¬†This was my favorite part!

2. Photography Full-Time?

As you saw in my last post, that I was able to quit my job at Heiss Chiropractic to do photography Full-time this year. ¬†Well, that lasted for about two weeks when I was on vacation. ¬†Unfortunately, my replacement didn’t work out, so they had hired a new C.A. ¬†I have been back on a temp basis to train. ¬†It has taught me to appreciate the “free” time that I have during the day, because since I have been back, it has been so hard to keep up with editing and emails. ¬†So – Thank You for your patience!

3. Remy 9 Months

Remy turns 9 months on the 10 and we decided to start her in training classes. ¬†We really need to work on the “Come” and “Stay” commands. ¬†She is so food motivated, sometimes it is difficult to practice!

4. Styling Kit for Detail Shots

This past week, I put together my styling kit for my clients detail shots. ¬†I am so excited! ¬†I have different colors of fabrics, backgrounds, stamps, scissors, ring boxes and ring dishes! ¬†I can’t wait to use them!!

5.  Oregon

Ryan and I are planning a vacation to Oregon in July.  We will be flying into Seattle and then head up to Vancouver for a few nights.  He has also agreed to hire a photographer out there to take our anniversary photos.  It is so hard to pick out clothing for this shoot!