My husband is a storm chaser with the team Stormview Live.  He picked up this hobby about a year ago and started learning more and more about it.  He has always wanted to be a meteorologist, but life decided to take him in a different direction.  I am so happy that he is still able to do something with his passion and have a ton of fun at it.  Any type of severe weather he loves.  Snow, rain, tornados, and lightning make for a good chase.  I have been able to go on a few chases with him and let me tell you, they are thrilling, that is for sure. We try to stay away from the hail as much as possible!  We had made the purchase of a fisheye lens last year to try to capture some decent lightning pictures.  These here are a few of our favorites from the end of the season last year.

Storm ChaserNebraska StormsNebraska stormsStorms 2015midwest photographerLightningblack and whitemidwest stormsstorms 2015LightningLightningStormsRainfallStormsLightning 2015RainfallNebraska StormsNebraska StormsRainfallBlack and WhiteLightningMidwest stormsLightningI can’t wait for this year and the storm chasing season.  I know most people think that we are crazy for enjoying this, but it is such an adrenaline rush when you are out there.  If I tag along, we tend to “follow” the storm, but stay close enough to be able to capture some great lightning shots.  I have a few people that I look up to when it comes to their weather photography.  It is amazing the types of images some create.  One day, I will be able to do the same!!  Can’t wait to show you all the fun that we have this coming year!!