May – 5 Things Friday!!

1. April Review

April Showers, Bring May flowers?  We didn’t have a ton of rain in April, but we sure started off May with a bang!  April was such a busy month and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.  Since March was still chilly, we had pushed back quite a few sessions to April in hopes of green grass.  Our prayers were answered and I was able to deliver so many beautiful galleries!  I also had some great nights at the winery, helping blend and taste 🙂

2. Kailua and Remy

These pups are just so fun.  I had taken them to my parents house for a day and they just LOVED running the farm.  I think it will work out great when my mom and dad watch them in May for a weekend.

3. Backups

I have finally been working on my backups.  I got all of my finals transferred over to my new computer and the backups to Crashplan have been running non-stop!  I am also working on getting the videos and photos off of my phone and onto a hard drive!  Talk about time consuming!

4. New England Colonies Trip

 We are so excited to be traveling for two weeks to the New England Colonies this fall.  We will fly into Boston and travel up the coast and then down to Cape Cod.  Ryan is most excited to stay near Salem for a few nights.  I think I am most excited for Nantucket 🙂

5. Wedding Season

Wedding Season is coming into full swing and I can’t wait!  May 18th is my first wedding.  Also Seniors, lets start booking your sessions as well!  My fall dates will fill up fast with the vacation I am taking!  Email me at