May, a month that I have been anxiously awaiting for a few months now and here is why!

1. My big Announcement

A huge Thank you to my amazing husband for allowing me to make this decision and for all of you who have beens supporting me along my photography journey, I have decided to take a big leap of faith and do this Full-TIme!  I am taking off two weeks at the beginning of May to take my mom on vacation to Charleston and then my good friend up to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  I am so excited for this year and all of the exciting things I plan on working on for my clients this year!  I still have a few dates open for 2018 and am currently booking 2019 as well!


When we are on vacation, we will be taking Remy to Kennel Inn.  I hope she does ok there.  She is a rambunctious 8 month old puppy who loves playing fetch and rolling around in fresh cut grass!

3. Hydrangea plants

I am so excited the my Hydrangea plants are actually coming back this year.  I do not have green thumb, but hopefully this year that will turn around.  These little guys survived an entire year and I am hoping to get more out of them!  We have so many projects around the house this year including a new fence, patio and some river rock in the front yard!

4. Wedding Details

I have been watching the KJ All Access course and have already learned so much.  One thing that I would love to take the time shooting during the wedding day is the wedding detail shots.  If you will allow me to take some more during the day for these, I have some pretty cool ideas!!  Want more info?  Message me!

5.  Books to read?

I want to begin reading a book.  Any suggestions?!