April Showers bring May Flowers.  This past month has been pretty rainy and chilly with a few beautiful days.  March once again, went by so fast and I can’t wait for April.  I have some engagement sessions, photographer meet ups and bridal meetings to enjoy in April!

1. Remy

Remy is up to 50 pounds and such a spit-fire!  She is 6 1/2 months old and still growing like a weed.  Remy loves going for walks, rides in the car, playing with our neighbors and eating socks and twigs.  She is learning how to catch and how to chase birds (thanks dad)!  I love having her around and can’t wait for this summer when we get more time to play outside.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

It is all hands on deck for the planning of our Charleston, South Carolina trip with my mom.  I have spent numerous hours on Pinterest and googling things to do and have come up with 3 pages of Plantations, Houses, Shopping, Hotels and beaches.  I am most looking forward to capturing this beautiful, historic city with my camera, especially the Plantations.  Learning about the history of this quaint town is going to be so exciting!

3. TV Shows

The winter season of TV has introduced me with a few new TV shows!  The Resident and Station 19 have been added to my list.  I love the drama of them and the characters make the show seem so relatable.  If you have not watched them yet, you should!

4. Hickman Bridal Fair

I had the opportunity at the end of March to be a vendor at the Hickman Bridal Fair.  It was so great meeting the other vendors and speaking with some pretty awesome brides.  If you went to the Hickman Bridal Fair, don’t forget about the special that is good until April 15th!


I have a big announcement coming at you on May 4th!!  Make sure to follow my Facebook and Instagram to hear it!!