This post is going to begin a series of posts from a few adventures that I had last year.  I had the opportunity to venture out to Colorado for a photography conference that was put on by Carrie Swails.  This was the second year that the Photography Awesomesauce Conference was held in Denver.  It is a little bit of a smaller group that gets together to talk about photography, business, marketing, cameras and learn about new techniques.  My first post is going to be about the beautiful Denver landscapes.  This is hands down one of my favorite places to visit.  These landscape photos were take when we were at the styled shoots.  I love, love, love the mountains and the views that we had at this outlook!  Colorado PhotographerLoveLandscapesDestination Wedding PhotographerI also brought along my fisheye lens that we use storm chasing.  My one and only “touristy” photo here at the conference.  It seriously felt like we were on top of the world.  You could see for miles and miles. Colorado This is the result of me trying to take a selfie with my fisheye lens on the camera.  I think it worked out great!  Don’t you?  FIsheyeColoradoLandscapes Usually Colorado provides me with beautiful weather when we are out there.  This time, it rained almost every day!  We had a married couple that was coming out to model for us and said they would love to play in the rain!  Just as the shoot was starting, the rain let up.  Of course, I had to snap a few photos from the beautiful landscape of Boulder.  Boulder ColoradoBoulder Colorado Last one is of Downtown Denver.  Typically cityscapes are not my thing, but when they are this beautiful, they are 100% my jam!  The sunrise session was completely worth getting up for.  Downtown Denver, SunriseThis conference always rejuvenates my brain.  The images of the landscapes are some of my favorites and I hope to be able to print a few of them and hang  them in my house! Be on the look out for a few more blog posts over the next month showcasing the amazing models that we had!