Last month I said there was a special little something that I was going to be implementing in my life after I returned back from my honeymoon.  It has been a difficult one, but it has been very rewarding!  I have been really trying hard to be more “unplugged.”  I want to be home and with loved ones at night.  I want to be able to enjoy a conversation with the people who I am eating dinner with.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat will still be there when I wake up.  Every night after work, I will put my phone in my bedroom and leave it there.  Yes, I will go in and check it to make sure there has not been an emergency with anyone.  But, for the most part I have been trying to check Facebook one time an evening.  The same for my emails.  Check them three times a day and not worry about it after that.

Being “unplugged” is really good for the mind.  It gives it break, helps me sleep better and worry less about what everyone else is doing and comparing myself to them.  I also feel that I am more creative when I am not constantly looking at everyone else’s work.  If I could stay off of Facebook during my office hours, I would be more efficient.  Being “unplugged” can really help me focus and get way more accomplished, like cleaning my house 🙂

Even if it is for 1 hour out of the day, you should try it also.  Be present with the people who you are around.  The messages will still be there during your office hours.  We all need that time spent away from social media, the news, and TV.  I will also say that being “unplugged” has helped strengthen my relationships, with my friends and family.  I hope it is something to consider!


This is a photo taken while we were on our honeymoon, in Sydney, Australia at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.  Ryan and I spent about 2 hours here.  We were able to just sit and talk and drink some tea and then walk about this beautiful garden.

Be present, Be unplugged.