This little man has turned one and he wants to show you how fun his personality is!  Jaden, Laura and I had such a great time taking some one year old photos.  He laughed and smiled the entire session until we took away his cake!  Jaden loved his cake smash session, especially all the frosting.

I am ONELaughterLook at that smileStudio Portraits

I love that we have been able to show off Jaden’s friends during each photo session.  Since he loves walking around, we used a few tricks to get him to sit still.  He loves these adorable stuffed animals!

Nebraska Portrait Photographer2016-02-21_0022Handsome One year old

I ordered this cake from Hyvee and they did such a great job for this cake smash session.  The cake matched perfectly with the background and his adorable red outfit.  Jaden always looks so handsome, even in a diaper cover and a bowtie!!  Soon, he will be covered in the frosting 🙂

Teal CakeWe love Frosting2016-02-21_0030

I always love seeing how the kids feel about the cake. At first, he was pretty shy and only wanted to play with the number one.  Once we got his hands a little dirty and he realized that it was okay to eat, he dug right in!

Black and WhiteFrosting and Feet

Jaden was not happy when his cake smash session ended.  This is one of my favorites of him during these photos.  His little curls, his dark brown eyes, and that one little tear.  He is absolutely too precious.

Cake smash sessionOne Year Old2016-02-21_0028I love cakeCake Smash Session

Jaden had frosting all over the place when he was done.  On his face, hands, feet, stomach, legs and on the bowtie!  A simple bath should easily clean this up.. right?   Not as easy as we thought since this frosting was pretty sticky.  Laura had it all over her also!

I have been so lucky to have watched Jaden grow up into a handsome, fun-loving, little boy.  This cake smash session was so fun for all of us, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for him!!