This was a great session to start off the 2017 year with.  I have been so lucky to take this handsome little boy’s photos since he was only a few months old.  Jaden is growing up into such a fun kid with such a spit-fire and cute personality.  He loves his playtime and loves running around (like any 2 year old would!)  We thought that taking him to the Lincoln Children’s Museum would be a perfect place for a lifestyle session.  He absolutely loved it!  The water feature and the piano were two of his favorite spots.  Of course, they were mine also!  I love that this children’s museum incorporates so many hands on things that let kids use their imagination during their playtime.  Take a look at only a few of my favorite photos of this session.

We were also lucky to have his aunt join us for this session.  Seeing their relationship was awesome.  He loves to wrestle with her and read her books about trains.

Curiosity of a 2 year old

playing in the water at Lincoln Children's Museum

Lincoln, NE

Water playtime for a 2 year old

Mom and little boy hands

Lincoln, NE Portrait Photographer

Toy train at Lincoln Children's Museum

Lifestyle Portrait Session

2 year old portraits

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

Nebraska Portrait Photographer

2 year old playing the piano

little boy playing in the tree

Hugs for the stuffed animal

Climbing the rocks at Lincoln Children's Museum

Playtime with mom

playtime with auntie

2 year old kicking the football

Playtime with Auntie

long eyelashes on 2 year old

My favorite part about these lifestyle sessions are the “not-so-planned” moments that you capture.  The togetherness of Jaden and his mom’s hand under the dryer, the playing the piano from above, the water droplets in front of his face at the water feature, the laughter with his aunt.  Thank you for for allowing me to capture some precious moments for you.  I look forward to seeing you guys again!!