The final destination on our honeymoon was Rarotonga.  It is part of the Cook Islands.  We stayed at the Edgewater Resort and Spa and had a wonderful and relaxing time.  We were greeted with Leis and a bus ride to our hotel.  Once again the Royals were still playing for the championship and Ryan wanted to make sure to watch the game.  There was one place on the island that had the game on that was a short distance away (or so he thought).  We began our walk to Coco Putt, which turned out to be about an hour walk to this bar.  We got to know the owners pretty well.  Their drinks were so good (pictures below) and so was their food!  They took us back to our hotel and we got ready for Island Night.  My favorite was the Asparagus soup!!

Edgewater Resort and Spa

Island Night at Edgewater Resort

Island Night at Edgewater Resort

Waiting in Security at Rarotonga Airport

Island Night at Rarotonga

Coco Putt was a place that we spent a lot of time at.  The 2nd day that we were at Rarotonga, Ryan took a test to get his license for a scooter.  We drove to Avarua for lunch and found a burger shack.  They were each $3.  I had one with coleslaw and pineapple and it was really good!  We drove around the Island and made a stop at a hotel for a drink and to sit by the ocean.   Then we stopped back at Coco Putt to watch another Royals Game.  We played some golf and ate some supper there as well.  Ryan had Ika Mata and I had a fish sandwich.  It did rain on us a bit this day, but that only made for good photos!

Coco Putt Ale House Rarotonga

Selfie playing mini golf at Coco Putt

Selfie playing mini golf

Cat at Coco Putt

Cat at Coco Putt

A few of the items we got at Coco Putt.  These Chicken chips are actually really good!

Food and Drinks at Coco Putt

Relaxing at the Beach

Cat at Coco Putt

Selfie at Coco Putt

Wild Chicken in Rarotonga

Ryan went to get his license and actually had to take a written and a driving test!

Police Cook Islands

Scooters on the Cook Islands

Views from Coco Putt after the rain.  They also tie up all of their animals by their legs to keep them in their yards.

Mountains on the Cook Islands

Fallen Coconuts

Pigs on Rarotonga

Chickens running loose on Rarotonga

Palm Trees on the Cook Islands

On the third day at Rarotonga we went to Muri Lagoon.  You can see some photos of this in the next post.  Once we were finished there, we came back to Edgewater and they were having a Crab Race.  Take a look!   I was trying to pick one up and got bite 🙁

Names of the crabs

Crab Races at Edgewater Resort

Crab Races at Edgewater Resort

Crab Races

Sunburnt Selfie ont he Cook Islands

There was a lot of stray dogs around the Island.  This was the one that hung around Edgewater and became our friend.

Pet Puppy at Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga

Pet Dog at Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga

Sunset Selfie at the beach

Muri Lagoon is up next and I would go back in a heartbeat.  It was so beautiful!