I love it when Kimmie asks me to take photos of her adorable little daughter.  She always has something so creative and this session was not the “norm” for your typical one year old session.  It was so much better!  This time she came to me with the idea of going to the Lincoln Children’s Museum.  I absolutely loved this idea.  When children are small, I love to be able to capture them in their element.  This was Myrah’s first time at the Children’s Museum and I was lucky enough to spend it with her.  Myrah was on the go from the moment we entered into the building.  Her little mind would not stop.  We did start  on the top floor and worked our way down to do the water feature.  I am pretty sure that was her favorite..as you can see here!


Myrah loves anything that makes noise.  Even though she wasn’t quite tall enough for some of the instruments, she made it work.  I think we crawled back and forth on this piece 6 or 7 times!

The Lincoln Children’s Museum is great for kids of all ages.  I am sure that many people take their kids grocery shopping.  This little supermarket setup is perfect for the child that loves to shop.  You can find what is on your list, put it in your cart, and then check out.

Or if you are Myrah, you can ride in the cart and have Mom do all of the shopping 🙂



She was so fascinated with the mirrors and all of the climbing rocks.  She would give her self lots of hugs and kisses and then get lost in the tunnels!  Its a good things parents can see them in the back!



♥She loves to share her love ♥

We really did have a great time here 😉


She loves to play catch and throw the ball.


And really didn’t want to give up the ball!


The Lincoln Children’s Museum is such a great place to learn and have kids be hands-on with educational activities.  I am so blessed that I was able to spend this first time adventure with her and be able to capture it all.  Myrah loved every minute of it and really didn’t want to leave.  I am sure that you will love it too!  Keep on learning little girl!