On the last night of the Photography Awesomesauce Conference, we went to Cheeseman Park Pavilion in Denver Colorado.  We all had bonded during the week so this was a great exercise for us to do.  Each of us had some headshots taken by everyone.  It was difficult to get to everyone, but the ones that I did get to, I loved how they turned out.  Here are a few!  First up is Katy Davis.  She is such a beautiful and kind person inside and out.  She was always so willing to answer any questions that we had and has so much knowledge about wedding photography!

Katy Davis Headshots Gretchen has such a free spirit.  She is so positive and genuinely cares about what is going on around her.  This beautiful lady is from Indiana.  Look her up if you want some awesome family photos 🙂

Gretchen - Denver, ColoradoKendra has such a spunky personality.  She was fabulous to work with and get to know.  I just love all of her updates as she is expecting here very soon!Kendra - HeadshotsStephanie Moore.  This is the beautiful lady who made us all cry on the mountain top!  We were pushed this year for our inspiration talk to figure out “our why.”  At this time, I really did not have a specific why.  A few things have happened over the course of this year and my why has evolved.  I hope to share that with you all soon.  Stephanie does a great job at making each and every person feel beautiful and deserving.  I learned so much from her this last year and can’t wait to see her again!Stephanie - Denver Colorado Rachel and Elizabeth and two ladies that I have stayed in contact with since this last year.  Rachel is from Montana and Elizabeth is from Reno.  Both of these girls are incredibly awesome and have a ton of knowledge!  Both of these ladies produce beautiful work and I would love to visit them and create some magic of our own!    My friends - Beautiful ladiesheadshots We had numerous dance parties at this conference and lots of 90’s music!

Flash techniqueThe Photography Awesomesauce Conference was great this past year.  I loved working with other photographers, taking headshots, making memories and staying friends with a lot of these ladies.  I can’t wait to see you all again!