On our third day of the Photography Awesomesauce Conference, we drove up to Lookout Mountain Park to have a shoot and an inspiration talk.  We had two beautiful models, Dayna and Joanie.  Joanie had an adorable little boy with her, so everyone wanted to capture his cuteness!  I went with Dayna and we played around with some new techniques with my prism and freelensing.  This morning was so fun because I was able to learn something new and just be able to hang out with all my new friends.  These first few photos show the freelensing with the amazing Alicia Lewin with Alicia Lewin Photography.

freelensingAlicia - HeadshotAlicia - Headshots

Freelensing is a technique where you take photos with your lens not firmly mounted on the camera.  It was so fun learning this technique and I can’t wait to try it again.  Alicia is such a fun girl and I absolutely love how these photos of her turned out.  You can see the effect of freelensing in the first photo, especially.

freelensingColorado Portrait Photographer

Dayna was such a fierce and fun model.  Today was amazing because I was able to try out another new technique.  I purchased a prism to try out on sunny days!  I love the hazy effect it creates and if I get lucky, I can get a rainbow in the shot!  Take a look at how beautiful Dayna is!

2015-10-02_0036PortraitsPhotography AwesomesaucePrisimColorado Portrait PhotographerPhotography AwesomesauceMountain ShootPrisimThis conference taught me so much about myself and my photography. I am so glad that I am able to share that with you.  These are just a few of my absolute favorite photos of the trip!