On our first day of the Photography Awesomesauce Conference we had a few classes about posing and SEO and then in the evening we went out to Standley Lake to enjoy this beautiful couple.  Carrie did an amazing job setting up this styled wedding.  Miranda and Brandon were a couple that Carrie, our leader, had actually shot their real wedding.  I am so in love with the styling that Miranda had put together.  She looks amazing!!  Brandon doesn’t look to bad himself 😉  You can kid of tell in the background that we got really lucky that day with the rain.  When we arrived for the shoot, it was down pouring.  Slowly, it let up and we came out with some beautiful images!

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One technique that I had learned this day from Stephanie Moore was when working with couples, you want to get them to show raw emotion.  This is something that I strive for in all of my images.  A tip that she had said was to have the couple face each other and just talk to each.  Tell them something that you would want the other person to know if this was going to the last time that you were able to see each other for a year.  You let the couple have their moment and stay quiet 🙂  This is was happens!

Destination Wedding PhotographerStyled WeddingPhotography AwesomesauceBoulder Wedding Photographerantique wedding dressBoulder ColoradoThis styled wedding was so fun to shoot.  Brandon and Miranda both have great personalities and I absolutely loved shooting this wedding.  From this styled wedding, I have decided that I would LOVE to be able to travel and shoot wedding.  If you have a destination wedding, make sure to email me 🙂